Board of Trustees

Hon. Justice Clara B. Ogunbiyi, JSC

Hon. Justice Ogunbiyi, JSC, is a retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Before her elevation to the apex Court in the land, she had served as the Presiding Justice of the Jos, Ibadan and Lagos Divisions of the Court of Appeal. 

Her career in the legal profession spans several years as she rose through the ranks to become the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution, and Director of Civil Litigation in the Borno State Ministry of Justice, before her appointment to the bench as a Judge of the Borno State High Court of Justice, the first woman to have accomplished that feat in the North Eastern part of Nigeria.

Coming from an area where females were educationally disadvantaged, she developed a resolve that propelled her to the peak of her professional calling as an eminent jurist reputed for hard work, dedication to duty, honesty, integrity, accountability and incorruptibility. These being some of the reasons why she was elevated to the Court of final jurisdiction in Nigeria.

Hon. Justice Clara B. Ogunbiyi, is also Chair Person of the Board of Trustees Peniel Outreach Ministry;  a member Board of Trustees, Chapel of Grace, University of Maiduguri  and actively  running a family foundation known as, Ezekiel and Clara Foundation which promotes the cause of widows, orphans the less privileged in the Church  and the society in general.

A devout Christian who leaves no one in doubt of her commitment to her faith, Hon. Justice Ogunbiyi, has attended numerous conferences, seminars and workshops, and presented papers at both national and international fora. She is also a recipient of several professional and general awards.

She is currently a full-time Commissioner in the Police Service Commission and is married to Dr. Ezekiel B. Ogunbiyi. They have 5 adult children and several grand children.