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The MSL is a Movement of Christians who are united with the sole aim of establishing and maintaining viable partnerships with missionaries and mission agencies. Being a Missions Support Organisation MSL is also a facilitator and catalyst charged with the responsibility of raising support for various levels of missions and missionary activity in Africa and the World in general.

All of our ministry activities can be summed up in these 2 cardinal objectives:

Bringing the mission to everyone is out priority

To raise financial, material and prayer support for missionaries and missions agencies focused on reaching the Unreached People Groups (UPGs) across the globe.
To create missions support awareness in the Body of Christ with the aim of mobilising committed partners for frontier missions and to empower the Church through mission training/courses and mission field exposures.

Structure And Operations Of The MSL

Missionary work is important because it is God’s ordained way of reaching the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s

The cumulative ministry output of individual members is expressed on the platform of a Chapter.  Chapters are administered by the Chapter Executive Committee (CEC), headed by the Chapter President.

The State Councils runs the Chapters in a given state and is headed by the state Chairman. The Zonal Mobilization Officer (ZMO) anchors the administrative operations of the Zonal Office alongside Mobilization Officers (MOs).

The National Council/Board of Trustees is the highest policy making body of each National work. It is headed by a National Chairperson with the National Office administered by a National Director or National Coordinator.

The International Council which is made up of representatives from the various regions oversees the global thrust of the MSL. It is headed by an International Chairperson. The International Director anchors the operations of the International Office.


We provide instant response to help the mission in constantly changing the world.

The Vision

A God centered and dynamic missions support movement committed to the wholistic transformation of peoples of the world.  

Our Mission

To raise prayer, material, financial and other aspects of support for missions through the mobilization of the Church for the salvation of nations.  

Partnership for Missions

The objectives of MSL are discharged through the establishment of Chapters, which are clusters of Christians from different local churches coming together to fulfil the common goal of reaching the nations with the Gospel through missions partnership.

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An enduring partnership in cross-cultural missions

Aimed at reaching everyone with through the mission

Projects Executed
Field Visits
Medical Outreaches
Partnering Agencies

Our Team Member

Our Team that keeps working to establish our goals 

"An enduring partnership in cross-cultural missions"

The aim of the mission is to reach people in need and bring the message of God all round 

The Strategy

Every MSL Chapter adopts a mission field and works with missionaries to make Jesus Christ known and worshipped in an Unreached People Group (UPG). Through a sustained involvement on the adopted mission field, the Chapters provide prayer and material/financial support to ensure the emergence of the worship of the King of kings in the nations. Field visitations and other forms of strategic support are also deployed to catalyze the establishment of Christian witness on these mission fields. 

Roles of MSL Chapters

Identify a suitable, central and easily accessible meeting venue for the Chapter to meet once a month for a maximum of two hours.

Joshua 14:12 Caleb the son of Jephuneh declared: “Give Me This Mountain”. It was a demand for ownership – a desperate cry to possess an inheritance based on the promise of God. At the time, the land was still inhabited by heathen nations but Caleb claimed a portion of the land as his own and demanded it be assigned to him so he could fulfill God’s purpose and command to enter and take over the land.

Field visitation is an integral part of support and adoption. Each Chapter is expected to visit it’s adopted mission field once in a year or at least once in two years if it is a foreign field.

All Chapters of the MSL are to embark on corporate awareness drives periodically to get the Church within her vicinity aware of missions support and mobilize same for involvement in the work.

As seen in the Exodus 17: 8-13 passage, the place of prayer support in missions cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore expected that the issue of prayers must be taken seriously by the Chapter members both at corporate and individual levels. The MSL 1:30 prayer project affords members all over the globe to pray for missions at the same time. MSL prayer web and many other mission prayer manuals are always available to guide us on daily basis. Also, as the spirit leads.

As we are well aware, the Gospel cannot be taken to the nations without adequate financial and material support for missionaries and the work itself. Chapters are therefore expected to mobilize material and financial resources to ensure that the adopted field is amply supplied accordingly. A minimum financial target is stipulated and reviewed from time to time.


In obedience to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ we partner with several mission groups to advance God’s Kingdom in the nations of the earth.

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