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The history of MSL began with the call of Victor and Nosa Tukura into missions on March 12, 1986. Victor was part of a small group of Christian students committed to seeking the Lord and praying for revival on campus while in the University of Jos, Nigeria in the early 1980s. They met several nights to pray at the lawn tennis court, at the Naraguta Students’ Hostel, on campus. Out of this season of prayers came the realisation that God required their lives for the work of the gospel in their generation. They graduated and eventually proceeded on National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to different parts of the country. Victor moved on to Law School, Lagos and after graduation, was posted to the Oyo State Ministry of Justice, Ibadan for NYSC in the 1985/86 service year. 

On 12th March, 1986, which was Victor’s birthday, he chose to spend the day fasting and praying, and reading the book, True Discipleship, by William McDonald. The content of the book gripped his heart as God revealed the plan for his life. While praying that night, he received God’s call to mobilise the Church for missions involvement. Nosa, who was engaged to Victor and was in far away Gana Ropp, in Plateau State had an experience almost similar to what Victor had, on the same day.

The obedience to their call commenced with the establishment of the Law Office, VICTOR TUKURA & CO., (MISSIONS CHAMBERS), in January 1988. The name, Missions Chambers), was given to expressly reflect their call to missions and the purpose for which the outfit was established.

The need for the formation of an organised structure to consistently meet the material and prayer needs of missionaries both at home and on foreign mission fields moved the vision further, leading to the establishment of the, MISSIONS CHAMBERS FOUNDATION (MICHAM), which was inaugurated on the 29th of May, 1993 at SIM/ECWA Rest Home in Miango, Plateau State, Nigeria, with Hon. Justice Clara Bata Ogunbiyi as the Chairman, and Victor Maigida Tukura as Executive Secretary. Funds for this Foundation were to come from Missions Chambers and some other business ventures the Tukuras started in their desire to raise support for missions. At some point, the Lord gave Victor and Nosa the understanding to go beyond family and to broaden the vision to the whole body of Christ. This led to the birth of the Missions Supporters League (MSL), with the inauguration of the first Chapter on the 7th of December 1998 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. 

The Missions Supporters League, currently has Chapters spread across towns and cities in Nigeria, Kenya, Gambia, United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA). These Chapters have over the years adopted about 200 mission fields from 42 mission agencies working in 16 African countries and other parts of the globe. 



We have the understanding and also recognize the fact that God is the owner of our lives including everything we have or possess. As stewards, therefore, we commit ourselves to faithfully harness and deploy God’s resources entrusted to us- time, talent and finances to execute the Master’s business.

We determine to pursue a life of self-denial, death to personal ambition in the interest of our corporate advancement and to invest in the temporal and eternal benefit of the lost for the glory of God and His Kingdom on earth.

To openly proclaim that Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father, we subscribe to servant and responsive leadership that ensure effective discharge of our calling.

As a dynamic movement we believe in God’s given power working through us in applying excellent principles, methods and strategies to produce excellent results.

We firmly believe that the work of missions support cannot be effectively done by one person, group or organization. We need to complement, rather than compete with one another. Therefore, we uphold and encourage the spirit of teamwork, comradeship, partnership, collaboration and networking within the MSL and with other organizations and churches in order to accomplish the Great Commission.

We are committed to carrying stakeholders along through accurate keeping and reporting of records; giving/receiving of feedback and upholding biblical ethics in all dealings.


STATE, ZONAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES: The MSL as a Movement hold conferences and programmes at intervals. Chapter members are expected to be involved in State, Zonal, National & International programmes of the movement as required. These are State Summits, Zonal, National and International conferences.


When completed and operational, it is expected that the MSL Prayer and Mobilisation Centre will produce the following tangible outcomes:
  • Missions Hub
  • The Centre will emerge as the missions hub for Nigeria and Africa. Ultimately, the programmes and projects will make it the favourite missions destination in the continent.

  • Ownership
  • The Church in Africa will rise to the challenge of owning missions in Africa.

  • Prayer and Financial Involvement
  • There will be an increment in the prayer and financial involvement of the African Church in global missions.

  • Global Perspective and Corporate agenda
  • The African Church will possess a global perspective for global missions in a corporate matter. 

  • Godly priorities
  • The Church is not about us and our needs, but about God and His purpose on earth. The focus of the African Church will shift from man to God.

  • Leadership, stewardship and generosity
  • An African Church that has stewardship and generosity engrained in its soul will emerge to fulfill the call of God for the salvation of the nations. 

  • Capacity enhancement
  • It will equip MSL with the required capacity and infrastructure to discharge its global mandate of mobilising the Church for missions and evangelism. 

Idea and Concept

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Design and Development

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Testing and Support

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Board of Trustees

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"An enduring partnership in cross-cultural missions"

The aim of the mission is to reach people in need and bring the message of God all round